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Follow me on my journey to fitness. I am in the process of getting into the best shape of my life and hope at some point to enter a fitness competition. I'll share fitness, supplement and health advice, motivation tips, and my progress. Feel free to email me @ or follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Google+, and Twitter!

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
what exercises should I do to be more taller? thanks :D
danielwelden danielwelden Said:

I don’t know if I can recommend anything that improves height. Possibly yoga because it can improve posture which may make you appear taller. Sorry I can’t help you with this one. Good luck!

Asker Anonymous Asks:
do you use any supps?
danielwelden danielwelden Said:

I take creatine, protein, preworkout, and post workout supplements.

Latest back shot!

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Chris is not a big fan of one of our new ab workouts, but he’ll learn to love them once he gets the proper form down.

Train hard

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Work for it!

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Rerack your weights!

I'm trying to drop weight I bought syntha6 as a meal replacement So I'm eating that two times a day with in between snacks like fruits and nuts and a healthy dinner for my third meal along with insanity. Would I drop weight fast? I just want an idea because it's so hard to drop weight so any tips on that?
danielwelden danielwelden Said:

Hey there! This is probably not the answer you want to hear but I would not focus on losing weight fast. You are setting yourself up for failure in the end. You also want to enjoy your life, eating included. Focus on making healthy choices. I like syntha6 but I never take it as a meal replacement. Its more of a snack for me. I have a friend who has struggled with his weight. He has tried diet pills, quick weight loss programs, etc. He saw some results but it was only a temporary fix. Those things are not good for you and can’t be done for a long time. So he would return to his original weight. He finally started seeing lasting results when he changed his lifestyle. He started practicing portion control. He gave up sodas and desserts, and started exercising regularly. Yes, it took longer, but it was sustainable. Start small. Week one you could give up drinking soda. Week two you could start making a healthy breakfast. Then just continue making lifestyle adjustments. You’ll feel healthier and notice big changes over time. Also, don’t weigh yourself daily. Do it quarterly. Scales can be misleading. I hope this was a little helpful.

Preacher curl face. #workout

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
You have two Instagram accounts?
danielwelden danielwelden Said:

Yes, one is focused on fitness the other is everything else. I just don’t want to dilute my fitness page with complete randomness. You’re welcome to follow both if you like.

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